Naval Expertise

Naval Expertise and the Making of the Modern World

We are an online community exploring the history of expertise in naval contexts.

The background and icon image is a plan of the Royal Navy's dockyard at Deptford, 1753 (PZ5606, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich).  We are grateful to the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, for permission to use this image.


We are grateful to the Guy Hudson Memorial Trust at the University of Oxford for their support. 

Please also visit Soldiers and Soldiering in Britain 1750-1815, on which this site is modelled.


This site brings together historians interested in maritime communities and trade; the history of science, medicine and technology in naval environments; expeditions, exploration and colonization; the development of dockyards; military perspectives; and other diverse approaches. Come and join the network to ask questions, discuss approaches, and share events and resources.


This two-day international and interdisciplinary conference examined the generation of expertise in maritime and naval contexts and traced how such developments helped shape the modern world.  The full conference programme is available:  see the conference page for more details.

About us

We are a group of researchers interested in naval and maritime history, and particularly in the ways in which naval and maritime networks facilitated the transfer of expertise in the early modern and modern periods. We consider expertise not only as technical knowledge, but also methods and practice central to the development of modern modes of governance, commerce, and managment of resources.


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